Newfoundland native Bren Smith on ocean farming:

(Please note, Dr. Chopin’s form of aquaculture involves fish farming with seaplants, and shellfish. Fish farming is NOT part of AOTC’s planning.)

From Ocean Rainforest, Inc, Faroe Islands, North Atlantic, (received $830,000 USD seaweed innovation grant from World Wildlife Fund in 2021).

Ted Talk’ video on the necessity of ocean farming to feed the world's growing population between now and 2050.

45-minute overview on the seaweed cultivation industry around the world:

From Dr. Thierry Chopin’s ocean farming team at UNC Saint John:

Ocean Farming 101 Webinar, sponsored by NSCC and Cape Breton Partnership:

Video link on the complementary nature of lobster fishing, and kelp farming. Produced by Atlantic Sea Farms of Biddeford, Maine.

Link to WWF’s Paul Dobbins presentation to the 2015 International Corporate Chefs Association when he owned, and operated the first ocean farm in North America: